hello hello!

welcome to sexy chicaghoes (; kate and i have been tumblr addicted for quite a while now, and today outta the blue we decided to make one dedicated to one of our favorite past-times..

doing the dirty. bumping uglies. dipping your wick. getting it in.

in short, those three little letters.

s  e  x.

whatever you call it, we want to showcase it here and become your new favorite go-to sex blog. we’ll be posting what we some people may consider to be on the tamer side of things, so if you’re looking for furries, scat porn, hentai, BDSM, tentacle sex, and the like, you came to the wrong place. 

nonetheless, we’ll try to post as often as two full-time little worker bees can! we will answer questions you may have to the best of our abilities, and starting next week will be accepting topless tuesday, weiner wednesday, and freaky friday submissions. (;  thanks for checking us out, and enjoy! we hope our tumblr sparks some sort of sexy feelings between you and your lovahs. (;


justina and kate <3

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