just had my boyfriend tie me up with bondage tape and fuck me whichever way he wished

fuck yeah america.



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i don’t understand what the fuck is wrong with me

i have been so. fucking. horny. the past week. like, ridiculously frisky.

as in, waking up my boyfriend on his day off to fuck me until we can fall back asleep.

like, my body aches for him every night he isn’t in my bed.

what the fuck is wrong with me?


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kate and i were supposed to look at apartments today in the city but some shit went down and it didn’t work out.

D: we’re going tomorrow instead!

so i decided to swing by victor’s house for a visit. he was half-asleep when he answered the door and wanted to go back to bed but i convinced him there were.. more important matters to take care of (; 

i have never screamed that loud from a guy fucking me in my life. nor have i had a more powerful orgasm before. we cuddled and took a little nap and i persuaded victor to shower while i got into this really sexy school girl get up for round two..

all in all, an eventful day (;



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